Contacts File

  Stylists: DandVManagment  1 LONSDALE ROAD LONDON NW6 6RA   T. +44 207 372 2555 F. +44 207 372 2123 LONDON@DANDVMANAGEMENT.COM   Stylist: Siouxsie T. 07816 668 866   Photographer: Theodore Pantaloupes  T. 07763 707702 Tailoring: Emily Doran  T. 0788 484449 Hair and Makeup: Sophie Hutchinson  T. 07516 152517 Media and Photoshop: Chirag Grover  T.… Continue reading Contacts File

Working Log

September:   3rd Reading i-D mag, Vogue mag Searching through Harpers Bazaar for trends Le 21ème   4th Reading fashion blogs Reading V magazine   6th Shopping trip with Wenwen to Chanel   9th Reading Chanel Bio The Fashion Book   15th Trip to brick lane to source vintage stores for contact file   17th… Continue reading Working Log