DTP: Week 5

London-Fashion-Week-Knitwear-Brochure Today we learned about paragraph styles. we made adjustments to the font family and size and alignment of the font as well as drop caps.   First you click Open : Window > Styles > Paragraph Styles the create a new paragraph style and double click it to open the Paragraph Settings Menu.     This is… Continue reading DTP: Week 5

DTP: Week 4

This week we learned about place holder text, the text wrap feature, and also about the links panel. We first filled the main body of the text with place holder text. Type> Fill with place holder text  ▪ Putting an effect on the title We selected an image of a women in a poncho with… Continue reading DTP: Week 4

DTP: A-Z Lexicon

Bleed: When any image or element on a page touches the edge of the page leaving no margin it is said to bleed off the page. You must allow for deviations in cutting the paper when elements bleed off the page hence the name. CYMK: CMYK refers to four colors of ink used in printing. … Continue reading DTP: A-Z Lexicon


In class we learned about Master Pages and also about numbering pages. The Master Pages allow you to create changes that will effect all of the pages in your document. This is particularly useful for recurring things such as page numbers. I could easily see using the things I’ve learned from this lesson in the creation… Continue reading DTP- WEEK 3


In the second week of working with desktop publisher we created a 6 page spread. It is made to look similar to a promotional hand out. In this lesson we learned about how to place objects proportionally and also how to use the text wrap feature that indesign offers. These are both essential when creating… Continue reading DTP- WEEK 2


In the first week of working with Indesign we went over some of the more basic and straight forward things the program is capable of doing. We learned how to set up a new document and then insert text and photos. These are all helpful skills to know as they are the prelude to more… Continue reading DTP- WEEK 1


WHAT IS RESOLUTION:   Resolution relates to the detail an image displays. It refers to the amount of pixels that are in an image.   WHAT RESOLUTION ARE APPROPRIATE FOR FOR PRINT AND FOR WEB?   300+ pixels to print (minimum) 72+ pixels for a computer screen   HOW DOES RESOLUTION AFFECT OUR ABILITY TO… Continue reading Questions