Creating My Double Page Spread


Creating my Double Page spread I first began with opening up Photoshop CS5 on my home computer. I set the resolution to 300 ppi which is pixels per inch and to ensure my work is not blurry. I change the ruler setting to percent and then divided the page so whilst creating the double page I could have a guideline.

I then found images of for my spread from and also images scanned in that were from my research notebook. I started to paste the images into the file with each file becoming a new layer and making sure I name the layer to keep track of my work.

They way I imported the images depended on where I wanted to place the image. Some I left square and some I cropped closely using the quick selection tool carefully and then using the refine edge tool to create a nice and then pasting them in. To add text I used the text box and then selected the type of text I felt looked nice with the spreads I was creating.

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