Terry Richardson


Terry Richardson is an American fashion photographer and portrait artist. He is well know for using a flash in his images. He also has photographed many celebrities from Lady Gaga to Miley Cyrus doing in a candid and often exposing way. He has recently come under fire for supposed sexual misconduct with models and some of his subjects he has shot. He has done advertising campaigns for Marc Jacobs, Tom ford and Vogue to name a few.


This photo of Cara  Delevingne has an interesting composition with two photos being displayed side by side. The photo is classic Richardson style with being slightly overexposed and showing a sense of humor.


The model in this photo is wearing Terry Richardsons Icon glasses that have become his signature. The composition is very straight forward and the model is doing the thumbs up which has also become a standard pose for Terry Richardson.


This photo of Lady Gaga is taken from her book with which Terry Richardson shot her for a year and put the images together. The images mood is sad and romantic as well as very intimate as she is in the bath and disheveled.


This photo of Rhinna is hyper realistic with the classic Richardson flash highlight her skin and creating a glow. The composition of both of the images use the rule of thirds. The images are intimate and sexual with her breasts being the central focus along with her face. terry-richardson-miley-cyrus-03

This photo of Miley Cyrus is what appears to be a candid shoot. She is smoking and looking more natural than a normal photo shoot where the subject is highly photoshopped.

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