Steven Klein


Steven Klein is an American fashion photographer. He has shot major ad campaigns for various designers such as Calvin Klein and Alexander McQueen and Nike. He also has shot for many large and well known publications such as Vogue and i-D. He is well know for his work with celebrities as well including Madonna and Brad Pitt.



This photo has a surreal effect with Brad Pitt holding a gun and wearing something that looks as if it would be from scar face. The mood and atmosphere of the image suggest a hard and defensive image with the gun representing a dark message.



This photo is an excellent representation of movement in an image. Also the rule of thirds is being used with the the horse and model placed in different spots on the grid.



steven_klein_1_600x600Hyper realistic colors and surreal imagery.




This photo has a sexual mood and dynamic colors and rule of thirds composition with the hand on the breast being the primary focus and then the models face secondary.


Perfect example of Kleins tendency to do controversial images with undertones of sex and masculine and feminine power struggles.






Surreal photo with an interesting context. The model is almost being viewed as a piece of meat.




This image has a very interesting mood. The photo could be of a grandmother and grandson or even of a mature women and her younger lover. She is dressed opulently which would further suggest that she is the older wealthy women and he is her lover.

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