Richard Avedon


Richard Avedon was an american fashion photographer who helped create and define the image of style and beauty through his life’s works. He won many award including the life time achievement award. The musical Funny Face with Fred Astaire and Audrey Hepburn was a fictitious account of his early career.



Classic Avedon portrait in black and white. The subjects features are highlighted by showing just her profile in the image. The lighting is dynamic with deep shadows and bright highlights further emphasizing the bone structure of the subject.


Monroe portrait with selective focus around her face.



Tilda Swintons unique bone structure and face is explored in this straight forward photograph. The composition is using the rule of thirds.


This image represents movement.



Surrealism and hyper realist photography with the overly large hair dwarfing the models features.



Movement in a photo. Also the atmosphere of the photo suggests one of dominance and sexuality.

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