Mert & Marcus

Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott “Mert and Marcus” who work together on a collaborative basis. They have helped pioneer digital manipulation in images the they have sense of nostalgia attached to most of their photos. They are included in the group of the some of the most well respected photographers in the business.



This photo of Lady Gaga is a good example of the rule of thirds and how the subject is located not directly in the center of the image. The mood and atmosphere of the photo suggest a sense of romance and nostalgia as well as the soft lighting and the fur on her hat.



 This is a classic representation of Mart and Marcus type hyper realism. The photo is an interesting view of a women’s perspective of herself.


Hyper realism is represented with the saturation of colors.


 The composition of this photo is very dynamic and the mood and atmosphere along with the post production work create a feeling of foreboding.

Kate Moss by Mert & Marcus (Mighty Aphrodite - Vogue UK June 2012)


Selective focus is used creating a sense of romance. The moment shows Kate Moss in a reflective moment.



the mood and atmosphere of this photo represent strength. The highlights and shadows and very dynamic. The position of Madonnas arm could be referencing the famous image of the strong women. 

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