Mario Sorrenti


Mario Sorrento is a fashion photographer as well as director who has been featured in magazines such as Harpers Bazaar. He is well know for using nudity in his shoots and has shot Kate Moss for Calvin Klien advertisements.




This photo is representing movement with the models hair flowing around her face. The mood and atmosphere of the shot is rather sultry and one could say a bit glamorous as she has large statement jewelry on. The composition of the photo is using the rule of thirds.

emma watson mario testino


Selective focus. Rule of thirds composition. The photo Emma Watson shows her as very innocent and almost child like.




Rule of thirds composition with the model directly in the center of the photo. A bit of surrealist hyper realistic with the high sheen of the body. The photo is very sexual and she appears to laying in a bed of palm leaves. This could suggest that she is a piece of meat being displayed.



This photo is a very good example of hyper realistic and surreal photography with an Edward Scissorhands type quality.



This photo also shows hyper realism with the water being drenched and subject being fully clothed.



Selective focus is being used. The photograph is exploring masculinity and femininity with the subject applying lipstick and looking startled. The photo would also suggest that it is a candid moment and the colors suggest it could almost be from a film.

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