David Lachapelle

David LaChappelle is an American photography and music video/film director. He is know for referencing art history in his work. He also has been know to feature controversial view points in his photos. He tends to use surrealism and hyper real photo techniques. He is shot for major magazines such as Vogue, Vanity Fair and i-D.


This image is using the rule of thirds. The mood and atmosphere is of  a sexual nature and could be considered controversial as it looks to be in front of what could be considered a religious building.

David LaChapelle

This image is of a subject who actually looks like this in real life. She is know for having had many plastic surgeries. Lachapelle is referencing famous images of Marilyn Monroe with the style of this photo. The composition is very straight forward and the image has a super realistic nature as well as almost a parody type quality.


This image has a sexual nature parodying victorian women. The composition is using the rule of thirds and there is a dynamic movement with the milk from the breast.


Rule of thirds being used with the car being the focused center image. The model covered in blood is showing a sense of strength and the children in the background are continuing on with their normal routine as if nothing is wrong


This photo represents hyper realism with the model being in a bell jar. The atmosphere could suggest one of women being “pretty things to look at” and not of any substance. There is also a strong sense of sexuality as the model is in her underwear and looks to be in a seedy hotel.


This photo is very controversial. Not only does it display sexuality but it could be suggested that there is pedophile being displayed with the young girl sitting on the mans lap. The mood and atmosphere is vintage and nostalgic.

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