Ellen Von Unwerth


Ellen Von Unwerth is a German photographer and director. She is know for exploration in feminine sexuality and erotica. She was previously a model for 10 years and thus has an inside perspective as to what its like to be the subject being shot. She has worked for major magazines such as Voguem and Vanity Fair.





This image of three models has a dynamic nature with the the lighting and contrast being fairly harsh. The atmosphere is fairly sexual as the models legs are open and they are eating in a rather sexual way.


This photo is using the rule of thirds. It seems to have a sad and innocent mood. There is also a sense of romanticism with the models long eye lashes that are exaggerated.


This photo could be viewed as very controversial. There are apparent bruises as if the model has been hit and she is icing her face. This explores feminine power and male dominance as it could be suggested that a man was the one who hit her. The photo is very nostalgic with very vibrant colors.



Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 7.26.00 PM


This photo is using the rule of thirds. The mood of the photo is one that could be describe as “heroine chic”. The model looks to be very thin and as if she has been crying about something and is eating to not feel upset anymore.




This well known image of Madonna shows her in what appears to be a candid photo. There is selective focus that is being used around her face and her earrings as well as movement in her hands.


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