Capturing and Manipulating Images: Type tool

Today in Capturing and Manipulating Images we created a Magazine cover.

The first step was to download the photo of the man we used as a cover photo and open it as a new page in photoshop. We resized the image to fill the space better and then duplicated the layer so we could work on it in a non destructive we. We were asked to use the quick selection tool to select the area of hair as well as the forehead. This was done so that we could later put the text behind to give more of a magazine appearance.

After that we use the text tool to add the title of our faux magazine. We dragged the text layer under the layer the forehead selection. Doing this means that the forehead was now showing in front of the text. We also used this text tool to type in the headlines of the magazine cover. We aligned things left and right according to which side of the magazine we were working on.

As the models eyes were closed in the cover image, we were going to replace the area with eyes from another photo. Unfortunately we ran out of time to do this, but when I got home I completed mine with the tutorial on moodle. I used the lasso tool and then resized the eyes to fit. I then following the instructions of the tutorial and used the brush tool at a lower opacity to make the two photos blend together.

I used what I learned about the text tool in this lesson in creating the cover photo of my blog. I could also see using these techniques in doing fashion blogging, or if creating an online magazine. mag-1

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