Capturing and Manipulating Images: Retouching and Digital Gender Reassignment

Today in Capturing and Manipulating Images we practiced taking a mans face and through a series of retouching and warping tools making it more feminine.


We started the lesson of by duplicating the layer of the man. We then receded the size of the jaw by applying a perspective transformation. This made the perspective of the image seem different and thus gave the man smaller more refined features in one effect. We then used the liquify feature and molded and sculpted the nose, chin, and cheekbones to create a more feminine effect. The next step was to smooth out the mans complexion. We did this by using the quick selection tool and and refining the edges and then apply Gaussian blur. Other tools we used were “spot healing brush” and the clone stamp as well to further transform his complexion and remove spots, wrinkles, and things that were masculine. ¬†We then proceeded to the red eye reduction tool for his eyes and used burning and dodging to give the illusion of higher cheekbones and more contoured features. Finally we took the paint brush tool and applied color to his lips to give the appearance of lipstick whilst lowering the opacity so the results would appear moreScreen Shot 2013-11-01 at 3.54.51 PM natural.

Although the results most of us produced weren’t perfect it was interesting to learn and take away so much information about transforming and retouching images. Knowing these skills will be useful in further applications.

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